Our Scholarships Awards

TUI Credit Union Annual Scholarship competition

TUI Credit Union hold an annual Scholarship competition, giving away a prize of €3,000 to two lucky students! That’s €1,500 per year for up to four years*!

Are you interested in our Scholarship Award?

TUICU are committed to supporting its members through our Annual Scholarship Awards.

Make sure to keep an eye on our website and social media channels for further information about this years awards.

Some of the main *terms and conditions

  • The Scholarships are for 4 consecutive years, or such shorter term where the course is of less than 4 years duration
  • Applicants must be active members of Teachers’ Union of Ireland Credit Union prior to the closing date for applications
  • The successful candidates will receive the sum of €1,500 annually in the form of two payments of €750 paid out in October and January each year
  • Applicants may apply for second and subsequent years of study even though they may not have applied in an earlier year of the course
  • Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply in subsequent years
  • Should a successful applicant fail to enter their second or third year of study, or opt out of college within 4 years, their participation in the Scholarship will terminate
  • Written confirmation of course attendance will be required prior to any payments being made
  • One entry per applicant

Over the past few years, we have awarded lots of scholarships to prospective students. Become one today!