Deposit Accounts


Introducing our Deposit Accounts, providing you with the flexibility to save independently from your share account while securing a guaranteed return. We're delighted to announce we are rewarding our members by raising interest rates for savers, positioning TUI Credit Union as a top choice for deposit holders among Credit Unions.

Our members have the freedom to save through lump sums, instalments, or a combination of both, up to a limit of €100,000.

See our increased rated below!!

NameNoticeMinimumMaximumVariable Return ( per annum)AER Variable
32 Day Notice32 Days€100€75,0000.55%0.55%

NameTermMinimumMaximumFixed Term Return (Interest paid at maturity)AER Fixed
1 Year Fixed Term Account12 Months€5,000€75,0001.5%1.5%
3 Year Fixed Term Account36 Months€5,000€75,0002%2.67%
5 Year Fixed Term Account60 Months€5,000€75,0002.5%3%

*new rates effective 01/04/2024.

The current interest rates are set out in the table below:

Ways you can make the most of your savings with TUICU current interest rates:

32 Day Notice Account
32 Day Notice Account
1-Year Term Deposit Account
1-Year Term Deposit Account
3-Year Term Deposit Account
3-Year Term Deposit Account
5-Year Fixed Deposit Account
5-Year Fixed Deposit Account

How to apply

  • Phone 01-4266060
  • Complete the form above

Members will need to provide the following documentation when applying for the Deposit Accounts:

  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of PPSN