The Public Sector Magazine, the journal for the public sector providers and decision makers, has made a prodigious award to the Teachers’ Union of Ireland credit union for 2020. In the forthcoming public sector awards edition of their journal ( the magazine has designated the TUI credit union as the outright winner in 2020 for demonstrating a superior level of excellence in the provision of financial services to the education sector.

The award is no mean achievement for a credit union that in recent times has been a pioneer in the delivery of financial services, and the acknowledgement by the public sector journal is an outstanding triumph.

At a recent board meeting the directors remarked on the marvellous award and congratulated the Chief Executive officer, Paul Roche, his staff, and all volunteers that made the award possible. In his response to the directors’ compliments, the CEO made the point that it was a team effort and that the board members themselves played a supportive role through their involvement in board discussions, raising questions, encouraging initiatives, exploring possibilities, and exercising their role of governance in a meaningful way

The Chief Executive also paid tribute to the credit union membership for their loyal support and resolute belief that the credit union had the capacity, the breadth of vision, and the delivery channels to meet the financial needs of all. Now that the summer break was approaching, he wished the teachers a super and well-deserved holiday in these Covid-19 times, and reminded the membership that the credit union was only a simple phone-call away, a click on the lap-top, smart phone or tablet.

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