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Teachers’ Union of Ireland Credit Union (the ‘Credit Union’) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who would be interested in volunteering as non-executive directors (‘Directors’) on the Board of the Credit Union.
All credit unions in Ireland are bound by the Credit Union Act 1997 (as amended), which states that responsibility for the general control, direction and management of the affairs, funds and records of every credit union lies with its Board of Directors.

TUI Credit Union is owned by all its members. The membership of the credit union elects a volunteer Board of Directors. Elections take place at our Annual General Meeting each year with applications invited in the months leading up to that meeting. Board members are initially elected for a three-year term. Voting is conducted by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the Credit Union.

In accordance with the Credit Union Act 1997-2012, a member elected as a director shall take office at the close of the Annual General Meeting at which he or she is elected.

Also, in accordance with the Credit Union Act, the role carries no remuneration, but all reasonable out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.

Role Requirements

  1. You must be a member of TUI Credit Union or be qualified to become a member.
  2. As part of the Fitness and Probity requirements of the Central Bank of Ireland, all directors must be (i) competent and capable (ii) honest, ethical and act with integrity, and (iii) financially sound.

There are ongoing training programmes in place to provide opportunities for directors to keep up to date on regulatory and other developments, as well as training specific to the role of director, and activities of the credit union.

It should be noted that the Credit Union Act 1997 sets out non-eligibility criteria for the role of Director and this can be accessed here.

Time Commitment

The role of a credit union director involves a considerable time commitment. There are 12 regular board meetings per year as well as additional board meetings to deal with strategic planning and other matters that may arise. Board meetings last between 2 and 3 hours per meeting. One to two hours is also required for advance reading of board packs depending on agenda items. Committee meetings usually take 1-hour minimum again depending on the agenda. In addition, directors are required by legislation to complete certain educational programmes and ongoing training and development.

Minimum Estimated Time

Board Meeting

  • (Video conferencing available) Board meetings last 2 hours approx. per meeting. They take place in the evening. There are between 10 and 12 regular board meetings per year as well as special board meetings to include meeting with external auditors. During COVID-19 all Board and Committee meetings take place online through Microsoft Teams.
  • Read Board Pack 1-2 hours per meeting (depending on agenda items)
  • Board planning sessions 4 sessions per year.
  • Committee meetings Committee meetings - approximately 1 hour depending on content.
  • Training & development Directors are required by legislation to complete certain education/training sessions. All director training expenses are reimbursed by the Credit Union.

Next Steps

You can find out more about the role of a director with TUI Credit Union by reading our specific requirements as outlined in the Director Role Profile which you will find here.

Submission Instructions

If you feel you match the criteria as contained in the Role Profile, and have the time available to carry out the role of Director, then simply print off the Application Form which you will find here, complete it, attach your CV and forward both via email to:

Alternatively, please forward your application form and CV to The Chairperson, Nominations Committee, No 8 The Exchange, Calmount Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12, D12 W354.

If you have any questions in relation to your application, please email and we will be delighted to give whatever assistance you may need.

Nomination Committee

Teachers’ Union of Ireland Credit Union
January 2021

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